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Expanding our crew!~ We are looking for amazing candidates for our unique craft coffee & tea house.

A little about us:

We are located in the heart of Uptown just west of Lake & Lyndale in the historic 6 story Calhoun building, built circa 1913. We are the ground floor anchor in the front end with shared seating space of Universe Games (Friendly Local Game Shop). There is a deep symbiosis here with the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming audience as well as with our local neighborhood.

We are dedicated to a craft coffee experience without barriers to entry for any person as well as wish to appeal to the most infatuated connoisseurs. We serve excellent tea and coffee beverages, victuals made from scratch, and sourced from local artisanal kitchens. We have upgraded the class of the daily experience people have with their coffee, tea, and early morning food stuffs. We believe food and beverage has the power to nourish, fulfill, and invigorate. We also strongly believe those who provide this service are truly artists.

We are looking for a new artisan to join our crew on this ship. We hire baristas and service professionals that want to engage with and be appreciated by the people they cater to. The daily tempo is one of building convivial but professional connections with real people. We have an environment where your skills, approach, and spirit will be welcome. We will provide you the correct resources to foster your existing skills into world class execution and give you opportunities to mentor others on that same path.

Stylistically we’re Steam Fantasy / Victorian era themed. Steampunk might be a dirty word to us, but only in that there is so much more in this genre than we’ve all yet to see. There is elegance, charm, arcana, whimsy, and a sense of joviality in this aesthetic. There are no uniforms here: but you should want to embellish in your outerwear allowing your imagination and expression to flourish.

We are now taking applications for talented and experienced baristas!

Please submit your resume, qualifications, and bio as well as download and fill out this info form to

See you in the sky!